Meaning of sleep training in English:

sleep training


mass noun
  • The process of training young children to fall asleep on their own, typically by means of techniques in which the child is left to cry without being comforted, either for gradually increasing periods of time or until they fall asleep.

    ‘sleep training can be a source of contention among parents and parenting experts alike’
    • ‘A baby over six months with serious sleep association problems might need controlled crying sleep training.’
    • ‘I knew all about cradle cap, sleep training, let down, post-natal depression.’
    • ‘It seems the effects of sleep training are short-lived.’
    • ‘Perhaps most important, behavior-based techniques of child raising, such as sleep training, must be shunned.’
    • ‘Also, when reading about sleep training for Benji, she encourages attachment for a lovey - a blanket or toy that the baby feels attached to.’
    • ‘To think that since the infant has passively accepted the new sleep system, the sleep training is thus "successful" is to misunderstand the workings of the infant brain.’
    • ‘In the next six weeks I will begin the dreaded sleep training that involves me walking away from my baby and letting her soothe herself back to sleep.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, I was surrounded by women whose conversations revolved around "sleep training" and how long they let their babies "cry it out" in their cribs.’
    • ‘I wonder how I functioned before my 16-month-old started sleeping through the night (which, by the way, happened with no special "sleep training" at one year.)’
    • ‘From nap time to day care and sleep training, new parenthood is not for the faint of heart.’