Meaning of sleeping draught in English:

sleeping draught


dated British
  • A drink or drug intended to induce sleep.

    ‘And as for this soldier, even if I had not given him his sleeping draught, he would have slept soundly enough.’
    • ‘The message is that alcohol is a useless sleeping draft in the long run.’
    • ‘John has sourced wonderful grapefruit for breakfast and provides a wee dram as a sleeping draft.’
    • ‘Maybe you should try a sleeping draught or something…’
    • ‘Paul gave me a sleeping draught for him to have when he wakes.’
    • ‘I will give you a sleeping draught, which you are to take, and then in a week or so when you wake up we may discuss the Guild and the smugglers.’
    • ‘I hit him with an arrow tipped in a sleeping draught to knock him out for a brief while so we could kill him.’
    • ‘I know this man who can make a nice sleeping draught for you.’
    • ‘She cannot sleep so she asks Seward for a sleeping draught, then, after taking it, doubts that she did the right thing in denying herself the ability to wake if need be.’
    • ‘‘I fear that either the tea or the tonic has been mixed with a sleeping draught,’ she yawned.’
    drug, narcotic, mind-altering drug, sedative, tranquillizer, depressant, sleeping pill, soporific, anaesthetic, painkiller, analgesic, anodyne