Meaning of sleepyhead in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsliːpɪhɛd/

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  • A sleepy or inattentive person (usually as a form of address)

    ‘come on, sleepyhead, time to get up’
    • ‘What a relief for all the sleepyheads that 2005 looks set to be more relaxed.’
    • ‘All of this happens before I hear a voice that says, ‘Rise and shine, sleepyhead.’’
    • ‘The class cheered as the excited students immediately fired up their conversations while other sleepyheads along with Chloe fell instantly asleep.’
    • ‘As the announcers say, ‘He's an ambassador to sleepyheads everywhere.’’
    • ‘‘Morning, sleepyheads,’ Nana cooed as they wandered into the kitchen for breakfast.’
    • ‘Breakfast is served until noon, but sleepyheads run the risk of missing the lamb chops viande, which seem to sell out early.’
    • ‘He had only pity for those sleepyheads who snoozed away their best years.’
    • ‘‘Well, good morning, sleepyhead,’ Lauren greeted him.’
    • ‘It seemed like only a few seconds later when she was awoken by, ‘Hey, wake up, sleepyhead!’’
    • ‘I tend to be a sleepyhead anyway, but this was just plain, solid fatigue.’
    • ‘‘Good morning, sleepyhead,’ Mel teased as he greeted Chantal at the doorway of the dining hall.’
    • ‘‘Hey, sleepyhead,’ I laughed from the doorway.’
    • ‘‘Rise and shine sleepyhead,’ she whispered softly.’
    • ‘‘Wake up, sleepyhead,’ Billy said softly, gently shoving Ali's shoulder.’
    • ‘The fresh aroma of coffee was just enough to get any sleepyhead out of bed.’