Meaning of sleigh bed in English:

sleigh bed


mainly North American
  • A bed resembling a sleigh, with outward curving head- and footboards.

    ‘Simple yet elegant bed linens emphasize the richness of the cherry sleigh bed.’
    • ‘It was a little bit bigger than her own, with sparse curtains and the luxury of a sleigh bed, in which she and Jahson were laying right then.’
    • ‘And the main prominent feature of the room is an oak sleigh bed.’
    • ‘The sleigh bed was simply gorgeous, and the walls were made of cloth.’
    • ‘The sleigh bed in one half of the room was huge, with deep pink blankets and pillows.’
    • ‘Although the furniture looked like it belonged to a grown up, with a grand sleigh bed dominating most of the room, the rest of the décor was enough to cast doubt on that assumption.’
    • ‘Plus there was a lovely sleigh bed and a well-kitted-out bathroom.’
    • ‘The beds are of cast iron and mahogany and one room has a French sleigh bed.’
    • ‘Decorated in shades of maroon and green, dominating the room was an elegant four-poster sleigh bed.’
    • ‘Sitting up in bed, she cradled her head and neck on the headboard of her small, wooden sleigh bed.’
    • ‘As she returned to the full-sized wooden sleigh bed, Nyla knew that she would never be the same again.’
    • ‘Like this mahogany sleigh bed, most of the larger pieces are imported from Indonesia.’