Meaning of sleigh bell in English:

sleigh bell

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  • A tinkling bell attached to the harness of a sleigh horse.

    ‘I have a cat and we have put a collar on him with a little sleigh bell that jingles when he moves so that we can tell where he is.’
    • ‘Each year on Christmas Eve my parents would open my bedroom window and ask: ‘Can you hear the sleigh bells?’’
    • ‘She simply points out that the Christmas most families celebrate now - the Christmas of Santa and sleigh bells, gifts and holly - has little to do with the Christian religion.’
    • ‘I'd like to single out something in particular: not a specific song, but a sound - the sound of sleigh bells.’
    • ‘Listeners ought to hear the sleigh bells ring, see the vivid red of the velvet dress and smell the spicy potpourri steaming on the stove.’
    • ‘The sound of sleigh bells abounds on this track, which is already firmly established as one of the traditional songs of the festive season.’
    • ‘Oboes, electric organs, glockenspiels and sleigh bells decorate the material, and the musical touches make one pine for an all-instrumental version of the album.’
    • ‘In the past, the band's predilection for exotic instrumentation would sometimes result in stray accordions or sleigh bells getting completely buried in an amorphous mash.’
    • ‘Mr. Herman sits surrounded by 20 percussion instruments, including two timpani, vibraphones, glockenspiel, chimes, cymbals and sleigh bells.’
    • ‘The group of sleigh bells hung above the door jingled merrily as Wendy and Samantha entered the general store.’