Meaning of sleuth-hound in English:



  • 1 dated A bloodhound.

    ‘But we will seek her notwithstanding; surely I will send the silver sleuth-hounds of the Cyprian on her track.’
    • ‘Like the cry of a pack of sleuth-hounds in the ear of the timid deer came these stern demands to Edward the king.’
    • ‘Surrounded by enemies more savage than sleuth-hounds, he assumed a humble disguise, and almost alone sailed to in an open boat for the Hebrides.’
    1. 1.1 informal An eager investigator; a detective.
      • ‘it would be engrossing to a literary sleuth-hound’
      • ‘And the sleuth-hounds of the law, the paid fighting animals of society, with telephone, and telegraph, and special train, clung to his trail night and day.’
      • ‘He summoned private sleuth-hounds, and he put them on the trail.’
      • ‘Tournefort, a sleuth-hound employed by the Committee of Public Safety, is hanging around a house in St Lazare one night.’