Meaning of slickenside in English:


Pronunciation /ˈslɪk(ə)nsʌɪd/


usually slickensides
  • A polished and striated rock surface that results from friction along a fault or bedding plane.

    ‘Brittle deformation is evident from a number of fault planes showing quartz slickensides consistently dipping at c.40 deg to the southeast.’
    • ‘Main normal-throw components are documented both by steps on the fault slickensides and by downthrown offsets of basaltic layers.’
    • ‘There is limited evidence from slickensides for dip-slip movement along this fault.’
    • ‘Where they are exposed, the surfaces of these faults are highly polished with slickenside lineations and the faults also have a mean dip of 45 degrees.’
    • ‘Some longitudinal faults display a second generation of slickensides due to a dextral reactivation that locally modifies the geometry of the fault network.’


Mid 18th century from a dialect variant of the adjective slick+ side.