Meaning of slide valve in English:

slide valve


  • A piece that opens and closes an aperture by sliding across it.

    ‘The operative cannula features a double silicon seal to minimize leakage from the joint and a slide valve on the outflow port to regulate outflow and suction.’
    • ‘Here the compound was at a disadvantage, fitted as it was with four sets of slide valves which did not exhaust the steam nearly as freely.’
    • ‘The slide valves can be supplied in either pneumatic, electric, rack and pinion or manual versions.’
    • ‘Many modifications to the slide valve were tried, such as the expansion valve patented around 1884 by JJ Meyer.’
    • ‘The same was true of the slide valve seats; they weren't part of the cylinder casting.’
    • ‘Both types are used as manually operated valves, but if automatic actuation is required, the parallel slide valve is usually chosen, whether for isolation or control.’
    • ‘This range of slide valves for powders and granules has corrosion-resistant cast aluminium bodies and 304 stainless steel slide plates.’
    • ‘Use our expansive on-line directory to source parallel slide valves and other products and services from thousands of suppliers.’
    • ‘A leaking slide valve will cause water to continually drip into the tank and will, over a period of time, raise the water level to the overflow.’
    • ‘There has been a continuing need for a slide valve which can be used in high temperature gas service and which is easily serviced in the field.’
    • ‘The sectional view above shows the main elements of the simple slide valve, although there were a number of variants in shape, proportion and style.’
    • ‘Three slide valves are in Fort McMurray already.’
    • ‘Reducing sleeves enable the use of ball valves, slide valves and other fittings with solvent weld waste piping as well as PVC pressure pipe.’
    • ‘Situations in which slide valves ‘stick’ result in either unsatisfactory control, or can jeopardize safe and reliable unit operation.’