Meaning of slightly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈslʌɪtli/

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  • 1To a small degree; not considerably.

    ‘he lowered his voice slightly’
    • ‘they are all slightly different’
    • ‘I took some snaps on the way home last night which show the city in a slightly different light.’
    • ‘Every rally has a slightly different character but this is very much one on its own.’
    • ‘He took a slightly different approach from those who've converted cars in the past.’
    • ‘Each of them met the structural requirements for flight in a slightly different way.’
    • ‘I am sure they all have slightly different views, but it is something for the future.’
    • ‘He said slowly, his voice deep and slightly cracked, as if he hadn't used it in a long time.’
    • ‘His voice wheezed ever so slightly, as if he had shouted a lot when he was younger.’
    • ‘She'd been, in a sort of robust but slightly inept way, telling him what to do and what to say.’
    • ‘To avoid that, pull your chin in slightly so there is a light pressure on the voice box.’
    • ‘She had a rather broad face and a short neck with her head slightly tilted to one side.’
    • ‘Her eyes sparkled with some sort of emotional panic and her lips parted very slightly.’
    • ‘They are intense to the point of being slightly odd, but only a fool wouldn't love them to bits.’
    • ‘This is slightly more difficult as I have yet to find a really satisfactory service.’
    • ‘To cut a long story short, he returns from market slightly drunk and fails to lock up properly.’
    • ‘It was really good to leave the flat today, even if I was slightly spaced out from lack of sleep.’
    • ‘This had the effect that they ignored what I said but in a slightly more deferrential way.’
    • ‘So coming back left me with mixed emotions, leaving me slightly nauseous and giddy.’
    • ‘The rabbit was still jerking slightly as the stoat dragged it off over the hill.’
    • ‘If the cooked potato is left for hours being kept slightly warm, it becomes poisonous.’
    • ‘Lack of sleep is making me slightly more prone to mistakes and considerably more snappy.’
    a little, a bit, somewhat, rather, moderately, to some degree, to a certain extent, to a slight extent, faintly, vaguely, obscurely
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  • 2(with reference to a person's build) in a slender way.

    ‘a slightly built girl’
    • ‘In appearance he is slightly built, graceful and neat to a degree.’
    • ‘But this slightly built 52-year-old is a true giant of world distance running.’