Meaning of slimeball in English:


Pronunciation /ˈslʌɪmbɔːl/

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informal, derogatory
  • A repulsive or despicable person.

    • ‘the slimeball had turned on his friends’
    • ‘When the nearest thing to a global ‘competent authority’ is a bunch of moral incompetents and slimeballs, it would seem to suggest that vigilante justice is about the only justice there is.’
    • ‘I am more suspicious of them than I am of the presence of losers, sinners, factory rejects, hypocrites and slimeballs in the Catholic communion.’
    • ‘This kind of ‘professional’ journalism can only come from the two-bit slimeballs that work for the student paper that huge numbers of students don't read, and for good reason.’
    • ‘It makes me happy to see corporate slimeballs get their comeuppance.’
    • ‘You slimeballs are all here because you're useless at everything else.’
    • ‘Sleaze and slimeballs I can handle; it's her camerawork that made my stomach turn.’
    • ‘I'd feel sorry for MacKay if he wasn't such a slimeball.’
    • ‘The career of a former BBC journalist with a reputation for decency and integrity has been sacrificed to save the neck of a slimeball.’
    • ‘Harold, the tabloids are calling him a cad, a rat, a slimeball, a disgrace and a snake.’
    • ‘Maybe that girl's been telling her that you're a no-good slimeball.’