Meaning of sling one's hook in English:

sling one's hook


informal British
  • usually in imperative Leave; go away.

    • ‘The chorus tells us that the snotty girl tells the boy to sling his hook, because he isn't good enough for her.’
    • ‘If they or one of their family members ever needs to use the hospice, they should be told to sling their hook.’
    • ‘Our future is very much up in the air as they may well come back to us and tell us to sling our hook.’
    • ‘But I had no choice, the doddery old so-and-so intercepted me as I reached the stairs and I could hardly turn round and tell him to sling his hook.’
    • ‘I don't take charity cases, so if your paintings don't sell, you can sling your hook.’
    • ‘At this stage it's not known if they will absorbed into the Carlson Group or told to sling their hook.’
    • ‘If by chance we should win the National next year I might just sling my hook and let the boy take the licence.’
    • ‘Tell him to sling his hook and peddle his conservative tosh somewhere else.’
    • ‘I also imagined that he would sling his hook a year before or a year after this election.’
    leave, go, go away, go off, take one's leave, take oneself off, withdraw, absent oneself, say one's goodbyes, quit, make an exit, exit, break camp, decamp, retreat, beat a retreat, retire