Meaning of slinky in English:


Pronunciation /ˈslɪŋki/

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adjectiveadjective slinkier, adjective slinkiest

  • 1 informal (of a garment) fitting closely to the lines of the body.

    • ‘a slinky black evening dress’
    • ‘Fabrics offer luxurious style in rich velvets, sheer chiffon, shiny satin and slinky jerseys.’
    • ‘I looked in my closet and found a black slinky dress.’
    • ‘The black slinky dress hugged her curves and emphasized her generous bosom.’
    • ‘Kate had a very short and slinky dress in black, also with matching bag and shoes - totally inappropriate for Vicky's 21st birthday ball.’
    • ‘Try a red slinky dress and comfortable undergarments.’
    • ‘It appears on everything from slinky skirts and fitted dresses to sexy tops and biker jackets, not to mention accessories such as skinny belts, sassy mules and stiletto boots.’
    • ‘It was a black halter slinky mini dress that hugged me in all the right places.’
    • ‘A girdle went along with the slinky gown, but only to place more emphasis on the waist.’
    • ‘And if the day turns a bit chilly, it's simple just to layer up by wearing a slinky vest underneath, and trousers with a slouchy belt.’
    • ‘A lady in a slinky black cocktail dress was playing it with long nimble fingers.’
    • ‘The tight, slinky, black dress she wore showed off her perfect figure.’
    • ‘She longs to be able to wear strappy sandals and a slinky dress with sequins.’
    • ‘Rather, picture your boyfriend's smile when he sees you in a slinky dress that fits again, thanks to your regular workouts.’
    • ‘You may even buy a slinky dress off the rack without trying it on.’
    • ‘We'd hit more than a dozen stores and ended up buying a slinky dress at the very first store we'd started at.’
    • ‘The pieces made from a combination of chenille and Lycra were slinky, sexy and very wearable.’
    • ‘His role is to be ‘controversial'. He told her to lose weight if she wanted to wear slinky dresses.’
    • ‘I can imagine Coco in a sheer slinky dress waving a tiny flag as the Presidential motorcade passed by.’
    • ‘Candles are glimmering, a piano is playing, pretty women in slinky dresses and high heels sway fetchingly down the staircase.’
    • ‘The slinky black dress she was wearing was even tighter than something Rebecca would wear, and laced all the way down the sides.’
    tight, clinging, tight-fitting, close-fitting, figure-hugging, skintight, sheathlike
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    1. 1.1Graceful and sinuous or seductive in movement.
      ‘slinky models sashayed down the catwalk’
      • ‘The slinky waves, graceful and sinuous in movement, invite fishermen to reactivate their fishing nets and venture into the swirling waters.’
      • ‘He is beautifully made with graceful horns, a slinky, prism-like tail, and playful, though mocking and feral, eyes.’
      • ‘I mean, how could a record be so irresistibly slinky and seductive?’
      • ‘While watching Raf's thin frame, focused eyes, and slinky movements, I realized that he reminded me of a mongoose.’
      • ‘Mobile phones are nothing new, from the early ‘brick’ like handsets to the slinky lightweight digital models - they have been around for quite a while.’
      • ‘Finally, once you have upgraded to a slinky new model, put your old handset to good use via a recycling scheme.’
      • ‘I walked over to him making slinky slow movements, trying to be as sexy as possible, but I knew that I was the exact opposite.’
      • ‘Like the animals, the boats' abbreviated name seems so appropriate - catamarans are temperamental, as well as sleek and slinky.’
      • ‘And because my house is not designed for shutting slinky feline creatures out of things.’
      • ‘He sometimes has the hip-shake, but never that lovely, slinky, catlike sexual menace we see here, that seductive creep.’
      sinuous, feline, willowy, graceful, sleek
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