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  • A minor or careless mistake.

    • ‘we can't afford another slip-up’
    • ‘Maybe it's another one of the vice president's slip-ups.’
    • ‘Tthis is clearly a fudge or a lie, not a slip-up.’
    • ‘We realized then that our every move would be watched, as the pit bosses waited for any kind of slip-up to nail us.’
    • ‘Sure, there are several continuity slip-ups, recycled settings, and even a clear view of the young director who - you guessed it - appears in a phone booth reflection.’
    • ‘One or two technical slip-ups on Tuesday - a phone that kept ringing after it was answered, a black-out relit before the curtain was fully down, music so loud it obscured dialogue - created a bit of a village hall feel.’
    • ‘Not that we're planning any slip-ups this time, but at least we know we have a cushion if anything was to happen.’
    • ‘In some cases where children have died, slip-ups in the bureaucratic process - people failing to complete/pass on case notes or warnings, for example - have contributed to the tragedy.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, good artists are hard to come by, and even if a publisher is fortunate enough - or wealthy enough - to get great people on board, there is still plenty of room for slip-ups.’
    • ‘The surveillance was often detected by some humorous slip-ups, such as the potted plant that was moved around a meeting room to follow the path of a technician with sensitive information.’
    • ‘Last year's format, with the additional group stage, wasn't ideal, but at least it gave good teams time to recover from slip-ups and allowed the better clubs to rise to the final eight.’
    • ‘But, Caroline points out, it's the callers who make the funniest slip-ups, like asking for tickets to Cats and Dogs, instead of Guys and Dolls.’
    • ‘We have a job to do, get two more points and there can be no slip-ups.’
    • ‘Fortunately, slip-ups like these are few and far between.’
    • ‘These things do not have eternal consequences, and you are often the only person who remembers your slip-ups in so much detail or care about them so much.’
    • ‘We've earned the right to be where we are but it's down to us to make sure we get everything right and not allow any slip-ups.’
    • ‘The defending World Bowl champions picked up their first win of the campaign in Amsterdam last weekend but can afford no slip-ups against their fellow strugglers.’
    • ‘Mercilessly slated for the Denmark debacle, the England coach realises he can afford no further slip-ups against Wales on Saturday.’
    • ‘At rehearsals Hugh doesn't tolerate any slip-ups.’
    mistake, slip, error, blunder, miscalculation, oversight, omission, gaffe, faux pas, slip of the pen, slip of the tongue, lapse
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