Meaning of slip stitch in English:

slip stitch

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  • 1(in sewing) a loose stitch joining layers of fabric and not visible externally.

    ‘Another thought on knitting socks, consider using a slip stitch fabric (slip, knit, slip knit, etc) for your toes, at least the top.’
    • ‘It took me about 4 weeks to finish, I actually had to rip half of the front because I had finished it, but I hadn't realized that I had made the ‘slip stitch edging’ wrong (ok, I hadn't made it).’
    • ‘The crunch stitch is a combination half double crochets and slip stitches alternating back & forth.’
    • ‘To get a row of slip stitches at the beginning, you'll need to leave a really long tail when you start.’
    • ‘Color stranded work, embroidery, slip stitches, cables, and variegated yarns are combined with solids.’
    • ‘On right side rows are slip stitches with yarn in back; on wrong side rows are slip stitches with yarn in front’
    • ‘Here are instructions for doing a crocheted slip stitch, along with a list of some ways that slip stitches are used in crochet patterns.’
    • ‘It looks complicated because of the slip stitches but it is really so easy.’
  • 2Knitting
    mass noun, often as modifier A type of stitch in which the stitches are moved from one needle to the other without being knitted.

    ‘a slip stitch pattern’
    • ‘The pattern was taken from Knitters Magazine Summer 2005 edition and it's a slip stitch pattern.’
    • ‘Tuck in the seam allowances of the lining and slip stitch the opening closed.’
    • ‘To give a better finish and a lacy look to the dress, stitch slip stitches around the arms and neck with a wire of contrast shade.’
    • ‘There are frequent slip stitches along the edge.’
    • ‘Steeks Steeks is a technique of surface crocheting with slip stitches on top of a knitted garment, usually, to create an area that the designer wishes to cut for an opening.’
    • ‘It contains more than 500 stitches that run from basic knit and purl to ribbing, slip stitches, cables, lace, yarn-overs, and textured patterns.’


(also slip-stitch)
[with object]
  • Sew or knit with slip stitches.

    ‘I slip-stitched the lace to my waistband’
    • ‘Optionally the hand slip-stitching may extend all the way or may not through both front-shaped portions.’
    • ‘The edges of the ruffle are slip-stitched by hand in order to give an era-appropriate look.’
    • ‘The top portion and the veils were cut as a single piece, slip-stitched to the outer lining of the hood.’
    • ‘Each tie has been made by hand,, expertly cut, slip-stitched, labeled and pressed by experience craftsman.’
    • ‘Both edges should be turned under; then the lower edge is lapped over the upper and slip-stitched to it very carefully.’
    • ‘The squares can then be slip-stitched or crocheted together to create cushion covers, rugs, table runners, scarves, wraps and ponchos, baby blankets, coat hanger covers, handbags etc.’
    • ‘Feeling somewhat suspicious of a crocheted edging, I nonetheless followed the pattern and slip-stitched all the live stitches.’
    • ‘Most ties are slip-stitched with a Liba machine, a semi-automated machine that closely duplicates the look and resiliency of hand stitching.’
    • ‘I wanted a bit more padding on the shoulder strap so slip-stitched the middle stitches and did a seed stitch on the outside ones to keep it from rolling.’
    • ‘The pattern called for yards of yarn to be knit and slip-stitched into place to form a beautiful design detail around a shaped bodice and neckline.’
    • ‘Could it really be as simple as placing the needlepoint and a piece of fabric right sides together, stitching three edges, then stuffing a pillow inside and slip-stitching the fourth edge?’
    • ‘This method is preferred by most people and looks neater when finished than slip-stitching, although the latter may be done closely and used as the final sewing if preferred.’
    • ‘The pullover is made from strips of square motifs that are slip-stitched together, with a clever underarm gusset created by folding one motif in half.’
    • ‘My mom has done the block-quilting route, but personally, I think that slip-stitching the blocks together is not very fun and creative.’
    • ‘In slip-stitching the bind, the needle is below the work; in the last example-though the stitch is the same-the needle is above the work.’
    • ‘Uova is wearing a slip-stitched sweater in yarn I frogged from a hat that turned out so badly I can't really use the phrase ‘turned out’.’
    • ‘This binding is the same as Fig.4 except that one side of the bias strip is first attached to the hat and the loose side is slip-stitched into place.’
    • ‘After sewing each piece into a tube, pressing the seams open and turning it right-side out, I slip-stitched the opening closed.’