Meaning of slipper limpet in English:

slipper limpet


  • A mollusc which has an oval shell with an internal ledge, giving the empty shell a slipper-like appearance.

    Genus Crepidula, family Crepidulidae, class Gastropoda: many species, especially the North American C. fornicata, which has become a serious pest of oyster beds in Europe

    • ‘An alien aquatic snail species, the arched slipper limpet, has made its way to the sound from its native habitat on the East Coast.’
    • ‘Females of the humble-looking slipper limpet secrete a substance into the water that maintains the masculinity of nearby males.’
    • ‘Thousands of pounds are being invested in clearing the area of mussels and slipper limpets, which drain the river-bed of nutrients and make it difficult for oysters to grow.’
    • ‘The more loosely coiled ones have a more or less open umbilicus on each side, and some forms, like the Pterothecinae, had such a wide aperture and so little coiling as to resemble modern slipper limpets (Crepidula).’
    • ‘In places the seabed is a shell gravel composed largely of slipper limpet shells.’