Meaning of slippered in English:


Pronunciation /ˈslɪpəd/


See slipper

‘slippered feet’
  • ‘We listened to the sound of the snow; a soft, shuffling sound that like slippered footsteps on the roof of the car.’
  • ‘I cringed and slowly backed away, the small silver bell in my right hand as I ran back toward the house, my leather slippered feet hitting the sand below me.’
  • ‘Glancing fearfully at her feverish husband lying on the simple bed, Larinda stood to her dainty slippered feet and padded into the narrow hallway.’
  • ‘The image changed suddenly to slippered feet scuffing at the spotless carpet before the fireplace.’
  • ‘I grinned, seeing two small, slippered feet peeking out beneath the silk material.’