Meaning of slo-mo in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsləʊməʊ/

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short for slow motion
‘rerun it in slo-mo’
  • ‘a slo-mo sequence’
  • ‘We see him fall to the ground, still holding the hose, from which a small dog starts lapping in a slo-mo sequence, adding humor to the tragedy.’
  • ‘Talking heads are juxtaposed with offbeat Cold War footage and recurring tunnel imagery in split screen shots, montages and slo-mo sequences.’
  • ‘The fight sequences became legendary, with their slo-mo and martial arts wire-flying.’
  • ‘Moreover, the roulette wheel (the film's visual anchor and principle metaphor) is gorgeous, and worth the lingering slo-mo shots lavished upon it.’
  • ‘In the end, Hill went with the slo-mo dying style.’
  • ‘Misiorowski also employs the slo-mo at the most inappropriate moments.’
  • ‘Many of the scenes could stand to have a few minutes shaved off, mostly in the music-video-style slo-mo walking sequences.’
  • ‘Some scenes faded into one another so fast that it looked like slo-mo anime.’
  • ‘New to the sequel is the slo-mo power-up, which, as the name suggests, slows down the music to a more manageable speed for a short duration of time.’
  • ‘There are things you would want - like if someone makes a great run - that we would never do a slo-mo on, but if this could tag the majority of things, we can insert the others.’
  • ‘I'm talking about the way in which the game is brought to the fans at home - the magnified shot of whether or not a ball hit the ground, the immediate slo-mo that is still crystal clear, that kind of stuff.’
  • ‘Flowers and bushes in full splendor - the foliage of Jasperwood is uniquely timed so that something is always going off; summer is like a slo-mo fireworks exhibition.’
  • ‘His slo-mo exposition seemed all the more excruciating after a day of fast-moving 10-minute presentations.’
  • ‘Fast forward had replaced the slo-mo of my generation.’
  • ‘There was one moment where I gave a low whistle of admiration, hit pause, scanned back and did a slo-mo examination.’
  • ‘His usual slo-mo beats and spoken-word flow show up eventually, around four minutes in, but his eclectic point has been made.’
  • ‘That's why starting with the slo-mo pecks and working up to a bigger kiss is key.’
  • ‘The slo-mo frames, the two-handed shooting and even the perennially startled doves are all there.’
  • ‘It's a great series of shots, composition, actor demeanor, slo-mo, rhythm, and music that I've seen in a while.’
  • ‘If you are a fan of this movie, really like dance or '80s movies, want to rewind the lobster scene, or watch some of the dance numbers in slo-mo, buy it.’