Meaning of sloe-black in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsləʊblak/


  • Bluish-black.

    ‘Her sloe-black hair hung unkempt about her face.’
    • ‘A sloe black stallion who had fallen on his side, onto the shaft, desperately thrashed about, flailing his hooves against the slippery roadway.’
    • ‘Its berries are produced in large clusters, but are of a sloe-black color, producing a pretty appearance.’
    • ‘He peered upwards at the moon, full in a cloudless sloe-black night sky.’
    • ‘The starkness of Finnish life - and the sloe-black humour that is part of it - loses none of its richness of expression for English-language audiences.’
    black, jet black, pitch black, as black as pitch, pitchy, pitch dark, inky, ink black, sloe black, coal black, ebony, raven, sable, sooty