Meaning of slop bucket in English:

slop bucket


  • A bucket for removing waste from a kitchen or chamber pot.

    ‘At home you used a chamber pot and finally you carried all your waste down the yard in the slop bucket.’
    • ‘Inevitably, one weekend it was humid and no one came in to empty the slop bucket.’
    • ‘In the corner, a slop bucket which had to be emptied each morning.’
    • ‘I catch you yawning late in the afternoon and I know half your food goes into the slop bucket, though you try to hide it.’
    • ‘In any event, all Irish prisoners are permitted to leave their cells at night to use toilets rather than their slop buckets if they make that request.’
    • ‘On his orders Yahya was assigned to push a wheelbarrow from cell to cell, collecting the prisoners' slop buckets.’
    • ‘When the men shuffle into the courtyard to empty their slop buckets, there are notes from Mozart's Mass in C Minor, and an imprisoned Protestant pastor hands Fontaine a note.’