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slot machine


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  • 1British A vending machine selling small items.

    ‘The slot machine sells sex toys, erotic lingerie, massage oil and condoms.’
    • ‘I remember on a rare trip to the seaside (the beach was out of bounds, full of barbed wire and gun emplacements) gazing at a long-empty slot machine that had once held chocolate bars and now appeared as a rusting icon from outer space.’
    • ‘The reason I'm thinking about this, whilst I sit in the pub, drinking my pint - sorry, I'm in a pub - is because I can see a girl standing next to the slot machine, dressed in pink.’
    • ‘The only other two in operation were DIY, where the hapless customer is expected to swipe groceries past an electronic eye and then fiddle about feeding credit cards or cash into a slot machine to pay for them.’
    • ‘The ordinary idea of a slot machine logically involves the idea of a device in which some mechanism or other is set in operation by the coin, which in some way delivers the appropriate goods.’
    • ‘If the government's central concern was the reduction in teenage pregnancies, the sensible thing would be to make the morning-after pill available cheaply - perhaps via slot machines in easily accessible places.’
    • ‘A motorway service station may seem an odd place to remember 12 murder victims, but yesterday the bugler's Last Post called out amid the slot machines and coffee bars with haunting beauty.’
    • ‘I suppose we ought to shut down every library, then find a way of building slot machines into books so that you have to keep putting 10p pieces in every few minutes in order to keep the pages turning.’
    • ‘But let them run around cobbled streets, put old pennies in Victorian slot machines and try on historic costumes, and you'll find a very different reaction.’
    • ‘And I finally found out during a visit to Old Penny Memories, a working collection of antique slot machines in Bridlington.’
    • ‘The Bishop of Durham, the Rt Rev Tom Wright, says: ‘Prayer is not a penny in the slot machine, you can't just put in a coin and get out a chocolate bar at the bottom.’
    • ‘Will you admit that you've been treating me like some kind of slot machine?’
    1. 1.1mainly North American A fruit machine.
      ‘Pachinko is a combination of slot machine and pinball game; players can control only the speed at which small stainless-steel balls are fed into the devices.’
      • ‘It's a very special relationship and I've seen it on both video game players and on slot machine players and the industry will say that gambling problems are purely from within the individual.’
      • ‘As time progressed, computerised versions and all sorts of clever entertainments have been merged into the basic game so that a Pachinko machine is often more like a Fruit Machine or slot machine than a ball game.’
      • ‘Delaware Park plans to incorporate a new player tracking component in its racing and slot machine gaming systems.’
      • ‘I fail to see how risking your hard-earned money on the outcome of a sporting event, the random machinations of a slot machine, or the numerical suicide of a lottery makes life more interesting.’
      • ‘At the conclusion of each level the player is presented with the chance to play a slot machine game for extra men.’
      • ‘As a result, shares of the slot machine and video game manufacturer edged up from $33.48 to $34.63.’
      • ‘I put some money in a slot machine, and I won my first try.’
      • ‘They would, he warned, use bingo as a ‘loss-leader’ and encourage players to try their hand at more addictive slot machine games.’
      • ‘This is not some sort of con game or high tech slot machine.’
      • ‘In my opinion, nobody has ever had a gun held to his head and been forced to go into a casino and put money into a slot machine.’
      • ‘You get what you pay for, Petal, and in the bar scene it is very much a case of putting the money in the slot machine and waiting to see if you win a prize.’
      • ‘Players know that it determines the symbols that land on the pay line on a slot machine and the cards they're dealt on a video poker machine.’
      • ‘As far as the slot machine goes, it really is an easily understood game, simple without being boring, with well laid out pay tables and easy to understand bonuses.’
      • ‘Since the modern slot machine is programmed to select number series at random, no amount of finessing of the handle can change what has been decided.’
      • ‘The basic premise of a slot machine is randomness to the extreme.’
      • ‘I took a look at products from all the major slot machine manufacturers, and will give my impressions on new games over the next several weeks.’
      • ‘I used to put minutes, quarter-hours, half-hours into this game, like ever larger sums into a slot machine.’
      • ‘Collier is not alone in his fondness for the slot machine, an electronic poker game known locally as a ‘pokie’.’
      • ‘This is my retirement money and if I want to put it in a slot machine, it's nobody's business but my own.’