Meaning of sloth bear in English:

sloth bear


  • A shaggy-coated nocturnal Indian bear which uses its long curved claws for hanging upside down like a sloth and for opening termite mounds to feed on the insects.

    Melursus ursinus, family Ursidae

    ‘The lineages leading to the remaining species - the brown bear the black bear the sun bear and the sloth bear - first became distinct thousands of years ago.’
    • ‘The other predators in this tropical mixed deciduous forest include the panther, the wild dog and the sloth bear.’
    • ‘During their filming mission, the team came across panther, wild dogs, Malabar giant squirrel, mouse deer, wild dogs, Travancore tortoise, brown fish owl, serpent eagle, gaur, sloth bear, leopard cat and barking deer.’
    • ‘Unlike any other species of bear, sloth bear cubs often ride around on their mothers' backs.’
    • ‘Constructs containing the MTS from different species (domestic cat, sloth bear, and giant panda) were attached to the N-terminus of green fluorescent protein and transiently expressed in COS1a tissue culture cells.’
    • ‘The hills are still wild, home to the elephant, the sloth bear and the tiger - ‘Just there sir,’ said the guide cheerily, pointing to a bend in the track where the ground falls towards the forests below.’
    • ‘The sloth bear's long muzzle has protrusible lips and nostrils which it can close - these two features allow it to create a vacuum tube to suck up the termites.’
    • ‘For example, Shoolpaneshwar is supposed to be a sloth bear sanctuary.’
    • ‘On a night safari from Bush Betta, if you are daring enough for a trek, you could encounter elephants, sloth bear, herds of herbivore and perhaps, even one of the big cats out for a hunt or returning from one.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, an eighteen-year-old male sloth bear brought in by the People for Animals last year is currently undergoing extensive treatment at the zoo hospital.’
    • ‘Leopards, hyenas, jackals, sloth bears, cobras, pythons, mongooses and monitor lizards move silently through its forests.’
    • ‘Actually, the safari was originally to have 13 bears, now they have 20 - Himalayan black bears and sloth bears.’
    • ‘He remembers vividly the trip to Alaska and some close encounters with grizzly bears, huge creatures compared to the sloth bears of South India.’
    • ‘The flood plains of the Brahmaputra are a refuge for tigers, leopards, sloth bears, elephants and 75% of the world's population of great Indian one-horned rhinos.’
    • ‘In the surrounding hills live seven sloth bears, a pack of wild dogs and three tigers, all of which visit the waterholes around the lodge.’
    • ‘According to the World Society for Protection of Animals, about 1,000 sloth bears are forced to perform for money in the country by ‘madaris’.’