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  • Lazy.

    ‘fatigue made him slothful’
    • ‘Mexican food, pomegranate Margaritas at Rosa Mexicana, the lazy slothful pace of New York in summer.’
    • ‘I'm feeling pretty slothful and despondent today, so I've took the lazy option of filling a bit of blogspace by copying down one of those questionnaires that I so detest.’
    • ‘We have had a long time of liberty, and have enjoyed our ministers, and sermons, and ordinances, with freedom; and we grew dull, and slothful, and sleepy.’
    • ‘In captivity, the tigers were generally thought to be slothful, sluggish and boring and did not entertain their viewers.’
    • ‘The second figure was walking towards the survivors with the same slow, slothful intent as the first had just minutes earlier.’
    • ‘That often happens when it's been a slow news day, a sluggish news week or sometimes even a slothful news month.’
    • ‘Let's admit that in modern times, this ‘sin’ has become mired in a theological cul-de-sac: sloth is bad because it impedes progress; progress is good because it enables us to be slothful.’
    • ‘By day four, I had melted into a slothful recluse: soul and body atrophying, hair matted, bed unmade, depressed and petulant - a real joy.’
    • ‘And while you could make the case that Hamlet was a misanthrope, you commit the slothful sin of identifying the author with his creation if you say the same of Shakespeare.’
    • ‘And hey, you can finally tell yourself that being a slothful, gluttonous thief isn't such a self-serving activity, after all.’
    • ‘Thus exercise, a new skill and a decent night's sleep and productive Thursday can replace overindulgence and a somewhat seedy and slothful Thursday.’
    • ‘The athletic spring that had once been in my step had slid disgracefully into a slothful waddle and I was metamorphosing into a thirty-something marshmallow instead.’
    • ‘Sir William Brereton, a Cheshire gentleman and Puritan visiting in 1636, called the common people sluttish, nasty and slothful.’
    • ‘He painted government as the slothful bloated protector of welfare cheats, overpaid bureaucrats and useless politicians.’
    • ‘To judge from some of the wildly hostile remarks from the Scottish political classes, it would seem this slothful water utility is regarded as a sacred object.’
    • ‘A U.S.-based systems company has set up its UK headquarters in York - and plans to woo slothful people back to the gymnasium.’
    • ‘I know that it's way too early to declare any kind of victory over my slothful nature, but methinks it's a very good sign.’
    • ‘Neither does it tarry long in the hands of those too slothful, too dishonest, or too unintelligent to exercise it.’
    • ‘This is pretty good progress for you George, even accounting for your usual slothful approach to work.’
    • ‘But the stereotype of today's footballer is the opposite of slothful.’
    lazy, idle, indolent, work-shy, inactive, inert, sluggish, apathetic, lethargic, listless, languid, torpid, slow-moving, slow, heavy, dull, enervated, shiftless, lackadaisical
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/ˈsləʊθfʊl/ /ˈsləʊθf(ə)l/