Meaning of slotted in English:


Pronunciation /ˈslɒtɪd/


  • 1Having one or more long, narrow apertures or slits.

    ‘a horizontally slotted window’
    • ‘a structure that has slotted sides to release smoke and heat’
    • ‘Mechanical scrapers are often used in shallow gutters below slotted floors.’
    • ‘The top panel sports an exhaust fan with a slotted grill instead of a blowhole-type arrangement.’
    • ‘To each post, I attached two slotted plastic insulators with plastic ties.’
    • ‘Located near the baseboard below were two cowhide cutouts, each in the form of a slotted parallelogram.’
    • ‘With existing landfills, holes are drilled into the fill, into which the slotted pipes are inserted.’
    • ‘Bags of sugar are brought in on pallets and a vacuum hose lifts the bag to the top of the vat, which has a slotted top under its cover.’
    • ‘They're bagged and shipped on dry ice in individual slotted cardboard boxes, making it easy to cook them one at a time.’
    • ‘The seats and walls are fashioned from American sycamore, and the slotted railings too, lending the interior an open, almost weightless air.’
    • ‘Long slotted skylights and openings in the second floor introduce shafts of natural light.’
    • ‘Some have vertical slats of granite or wood to ventilate the interior, others have slotted slabs, and the pitched roofs are tiled or covered in stone pavers.’
    1. 1.1Having a groove or channel into which something fits.
      ‘a slotted screwdriver’
      • ‘We mounted the spears on a slotted plate, which we attached to a 3-inch hydraulic cylinder.’
      • ‘The configuration of individual slotted shelves drew its inspiration from the linear flow of a landscape scroll painting.’
      • ‘Carefully he applied the blade of the knife in the slotted head of the nut and began to turn it.’
      • ‘There are two versions of case shelving, one with slotted and one with solid end panels.’
      • ‘The advantage of slotted shelving is that the dividers can be placed much closer together.’
      • ‘The increased use of cordless screw guns has made slotted screws almost obsolete.’
      • ‘Remove cotter pins and slotted nut from upper engine crankcase rod.’
      • ‘One draughtsman found the solution in a slotted board to hold the templates upright.’
      • ‘An adjustable pivot sliding in a slotted length of angle iron that's attached to the table of your jigsaw, makes a handy fixture for cutting true discs.’
      • ‘The slotted nozzle cleans both sides of the slats at once.’