Meaning of slow cooker in English:

slow cooker


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  • A large electric pot used for cooking food, especially stews, very slowly.

    ‘Today, most crockery cookers are continuous slow cookers - foods are slowly and continually cooked at a low wattage via heating coils that wrap around the sides of the cooker and remain switched on during cooking.’
    • ‘Dig out that pressure cooker or a slow cooker, and get in a stew.’
    • ‘Wash interiors of appliances used for food preparation such as inside of fry pans, slow cookers, etc. taking care not to get electrical parts wet.’
    • ‘If hot food must sit out for longer than two hours, use warming trays, slow cookers or chafing dishes to keep the food hot.’
    • ‘Solar ovens follow a method similar to slow cookers, so food doesn't burn or dry out.’
    • ‘The judicious use of slow cookers and electric timers permits us (at least when the electrons are flowing) to enjoy hot food and bright lights.’
    • ‘The basic recipe is to cook one part by volume of white rice in 7 to 10 parts of water, slowly for six to eight hours (a slow cooker can be used).’
    • ‘Cuts from this section are boneless and fatty, and they are best suited for cooking in a slow cooker.’
    • ‘Long, slow cooking is the only way to tenderise these cuts, and using the slow cooker you can let dinner bubble away while you're out and about.’
    • ‘We got back on track last night with vegetable satay stir-fry and I was prepared for another busy day today - I put the slow cooker on this morning with a vegetarian sausage casserole.’
    • ‘Some of the one-dish recipes in the bonus section do not use the slow cooker.’
    • ‘This delicious one-pot dinner can be put into a slow cooker in the morning and left to simmer all day or cooked on the stove for an hour or so late in the afternoon.’
    • ‘Set a slow cooker of low-fat bean dip into a festive pinata, garnish a plate with lemon rings or wrap the dish with a bow.’
    • ‘So far today I have sorted out the clean laundry, put two loads of laundry on to wash (the first of which is already hung out to dry), washed up, put dinner on in the slow cooker and planted my two blueberry bushes which arrived Friday.’
    • ‘Finally, in an attempt to keep up with my domestic duties in the midst of a cross-country book tour, I have purchased a slow cooker.’
    • ‘They were hoping for BBQ, but it was impossible in the traditional sense, as it used a slow cooker to get the moist meat that we all desire.’
    • ‘Oh, you might put something in the slow cooker, so you can get the ‘full treatment’ and much admiration from your mate.’
    • ‘I got home, washed and cleaned the lot, and tipped them into the slow cooker with a pint of water, a handful of fresh herbs and two spoonfuls of vegetable bouillon.’
    • ‘Many of the recipes call for slow cooking and the warming drawer is an ideal alternative to a slow cooker.’
    • ‘We did some other shopping while we were there, finishing up with the slow cooker so as not to have to carry it around for too long.’