Meaning of slow march in English:

slow march


  • A military marching pace approximately half the speed of the quick march.

    ‘The seven that were carrying the coffin continued their slow march, past the guards and into the tomb.’
    • ‘‘They are making a slow march towards here’ the scout said quickly ‘we also discovered a traitor’’
    • ‘They'll be here soon; they are only about five miles away at a slow march.’
    • ‘The anti-war protesters were gathering on the Common and apparently later marched to the Fleet Center, but it must have been a slow march.’
    • ‘At 11.30 am sharp, Big Ben chimed in the background and they began their slow march with the Queen Mother's coffin through the Great West Door.’
    • ‘We are making a slow march through the Navy's legacy networks.’
    • ‘The purple-clad Persian forces began their slow march to the pass.’
    • ‘The idea of a slow march across England looked less attractive than before.’
    • ‘But we are never much indulged, for Sole's main purpose is to chart Egypt's slow march forward.’