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Pronunciation /slʌʃ/

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mass noun
  • 1Partially melted snow or ice.

    ‘the snow was turning into brown slush in the gutters’
    • ‘Indeed, consider how many drivers on our roads today have any experience of driving in snow, slush and frost?’
    • ‘There are times an aircraft and crew will get stuck at a location because the snow and ice become slush, making take-off impossible.’
    • ‘I had never ventured to the south, so that is the way most of us went, trudging through the snow and slush on the ground.’
    • ‘In April the snow started melting, and in May there was rain and slush, the snow disappeared and there were glimpses of sun.’
    • ‘He stood up too and they walked out, their boots crunching though the thin layer of slush and snow covering the ground.’
    • ‘Light snow, much slush; the windshield is opaque in seconds.’
    • ‘That afternoon the sidewalks were awash with slush and half-melted snow.’
    • ‘Well, we don't do mud, we just make them crawl around in the dust and grime on the ground from the mud left over or the snow slush left over or whatever.’
    • ‘It comprised long, daily walks through snow and slush to the county Library, where I worked on a manuscript to keep my mind occupied.’
    • ‘The match, which was put into severe doubt the previous day with a covering of snow and slush on the pitch, inevitably turned out to be quite scrappy due to the slippery surface.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, my snow honeymoon came to an abrupt end when beautiful white snow increasingly turned to disgusting brown slush, all of which we had to trudge through every day.’
    • ‘The machine took the biggest power you could find - requiring two firemen if it was a hand-bomber - not only to push the apparatus but to steam the snow into slush.’
    • ‘With the Lower East Side ankle deep in snow and slush, our vehicle sits safe and sound, parked streetside a few blocks over on Norfolk Street.’
    • ‘Rain pounded the streets, turning the snow into muddy slush.’
    • ‘Only an inch or so but it still worked; puddles forming lightly in the streets as cars ran over slush and dirtying the snow.’
    • ‘Without a floor mat, snow and slush can soak into your carpet, through the carpet padding, and you will hardly notice that it already caused your floor pans to get rusty.’
    • ‘I brushed away snow and slush and raised the prize to eye-level.’
    • ‘Fess waded through the ankle-deep coating of snow and slush around the 18-wheeler.’
    • ‘It was pitch black, with snow and slush dotting the cobblestone paths.’
    • ‘Then, in a flurry of snow and slush, the Christmas holiday was over, and the long drive toward Boston had begun.’
    1. 1.1Watery mud.
      ‘And then I thought, ‘Oh great, spring, I remember, that's when they replace the piles of slush with piles of mud and it's a big rainy mess.’’
      • ‘Life is still much the same: a constant battle against the elements, as wind and sleeting rain batter the coal-mining land to black slush and mud.’
      • ‘Rubble and slush from potholes and mud dumped recklessly by the cable companies and various civic agencies have only added to citizens' woes.’
      • ‘It was still raining: potholes, felled trees, mud, slush and scattered rocks made it difficult to negotiate the highway.’
      • ‘Young New Zealanders waded, often wounded, among mud, slush, rubble and the dead, searching for a way to end their war.’
      • ‘Three hundred and sixty-five days, come rain or shine, through muck and slush, I never missed a day, sir.’
      • ‘Use caution in taxiing retractable-gear aircraft through slush or mud.’
      • ‘He kicked the back flaps of his coat, a bit of slush staining the underside, but he didn't care, he needed to hurry.’
      • ‘In this story a bird is sent down to earth to dry out some of the mud in the primordial slush so that islands can be formed for the Ainu.’
      • ‘Or after dull and dreary three four days of continuous rain, mud and slush, the sun peeps out from behind the clouds and a beautiful rainbow reflects the glory and the color of the sun.’
      • ‘Every season brings in different surprises but the most disgusting to the garage is that which carries with it rain, mud, slush and grime.’
      • ‘Soth shivered at the cold mixture of mud and slush and jumped up on the bench.’
      • ‘Mud, debris and knee-high slush from landslides blocked roads, cutting off many remote villages.’
      • ‘In several late winter snow storms, it ploughed right through the ugliest passing lane slush, allowing the driver to arrive relaxed even after two hours of full-on winter driving.’
      • ‘‘There are no pavements on Gordon Street, so students and employees of the law school would have no choice but to walk on the slush and mud,’ she said.’
      • ‘Nothing really beats waiting down in the slush of mud.’
      • ‘Ogwad jogged merrily down the beaten dirt path (turned to mud by the slush covering it) leading through the woods.’
      • ‘What would have been a truly fantastic course, full of switch backs, and single track climbs, became much more of a mud slush… but still a lot of fun.’
      • ‘The hems of the dress that I wore dragged along the slush of mud on the ground and my sleeves snagged against the branches that had been stripped of its leaves.’
      • ‘Wes observed as they tracked through mud and what remained of the slush.’
      melting snow, wet snow
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  • 2 informal Excessive sentiment.

    • ‘the slush of Hollywood's romantic fifties films’
    • ‘And he is more than matched by Williams's calculated turn as the cold-hearted killer, in a role which marks a welcome break away from the sentimental slush of recent projects.’
    • ‘People who think that this ending is purely sentimental slush should give it another try.’
    • ‘Yes, the holiday season is here complete with kiddie fodder that is virtually unwatchable for anyone over the age of 10 and mawkish slush about the joy of the family.’
    • ‘From high - school reimaginings of Shakespeare to romantic gross-out comedies and back, they vary wildly in quality from zippy, witty fun to indigestible slush.’
    • ‘It always moves me and makes me feel better about life and is the perfect antidote to all the ersatz sentiment that sprays over us like noxious slush at Christmas time.’
    • ‘When once-naïve Hong Kong cinema became sentimental and driven by external goals, we received multiculturalized slush.’
    • ‘The best of the slush is undoubtedly both lyrically rueful and melodically engaging.’
    sentimentality, mawkishness, over-sentimentality, emotionalism, overemotionalism, sentimentalism, banality, triteness
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[no object]
  • Make a squelching or splashing sound.

    ‘there was water slushing around in the galley’
    • ‘Kris slushed through the puddles of water, icy wind stinging her eyes.’
    • ‘We slushed along the lake and made camp below it.’
    • ‘The river slushed by with a beautiful white noise and the birds tweedle-dee-deed.’


Mid 17th century probably imitative; compare with slosh.