Meaning of sly-grog shop in English:

sly-grog shop


informal Australian, New Zealand
  • An unlicensed property from which alcoholic drinks are sold.

    • ‘sly-grog shops by the dozen were doing a roaring trade’
    • ‘Some exceedingly discreditable scenes have been witnessed at various times owing to the large number of sly grog shops.’
    • ‘Those who really wanted liquor found it at sly-grog shops or across the city boundary.’
    • ‘You grew up with hamburgers and gambling and sly grog shops in inner Melbourne, and I think that's the setting for the first two poems in this book.’
    • ‘Her sly-grog shops expanded services to include gambling and selling stolen goods.’
    • ‘The area deteriorated into a slum, filled with overcrowded tenement flats, sly-grog shops, and brothels.’
    • ‘Dad got him a job before school cleaning out the empties from the sly grog shops.’
    • ‘Years before the US Prohibition, criminals and crooked coppers ran the sly-grog shops and gambling dens that proliferated in Melbourne in the early 1900s.’
    • ‘Housed in a 150-year-old former sly grog shop on one of Melbourne's most interesting streets, this small bookstore is the only retail shop in Australia specializing in cookbooks.’
    • ‘The series is set in Melbourne between 1915 and 1927, when gangsters ran a proliferating number of sly grog shops and gambling dens.’