Meaning of sly grog in English:

sly grog


mass noun informal Australian, New Zealand
  • Alcohol sold illicitly.

    • ‘In March 1873 Whitbread left far away Mount Freeling Station for the smelters at Bolla Bollana, to investigate a report of sly grog selling.’
    • ‘Those who really wanted liquor found it at sly grog shops or across the city boundary.’
    • ‘During the Christmas holiday break it was reported that, ‘Some exceedingly discreditable scenes have been witnessed at various times owing to the large number of sly grog shops.’
    • ‘We've never been really close buddies, but we've shared some mischief, and I've written thousands of words on the man and, yes, I've documented his lifestyle - the potted sex and drugs and sly grog history - as much as anyone.’
    • ‘With sly grog sellers, cattle rustlers and other dishonest elements and the occasional friction between Aborigenes and station people it was decided that a police camp would be established in the area.’
    • ‘Between the wharves and the interstate railway station, built in the 1880s, were streets of sly grog and loose women, dance halls and theatres, a place where local mixed with foreign.’
    • ‘In your community alcoholism is a problem and so is joined to that, sly grog.’
    • ‘In 1883 a riot erupted at the Mackay racecourse when a sly grog dealer refused to serve the Islanders, who responded by throwing bottles.’