Meaning of smackdown in English:




informal mainly US
  • 1A bitter contest or confrontation.

    • ‘the remaining four contestants had a face-off in a stand-up comedy smackdown’
    • ‘Like an old ethnography, the film's musical smackdowns are rich in cultural and racial stereotypes: Mexicans play a mariachi, Africans beat drums, a Thai man plays a mournful oriental flute.’
    • ‘With no alternative, she learns to fight and confronts him for the final smackdown.’
    • ‘I want to tell you one thing: I'll take you Times Square later and lay the smackdown on you.’
    • ‘You pick the CEO you've been dying to punch out, then square off in a CEO smackdown at the annual Davos gathering of global pooh-bahs!’
    • ‘Let's move on from the smackdowns to a militant, united front between smart artists like those guys, and smart users/technologists like Ecyrd that can and will present compelling alternatives to the technology companies.’
    • ‘It looked less like a demo, more like one of those wrestling smackdowns on television.’
    • ‘I braced myself for a smackdown but nearly everyone left considerate, measured, and often enlightening commentary - even the people who totally disagreed with me.’
    • ‘They are having an intellectual smackdown on the growth in income inequality in the United States over the past two decades and what to make of it.’
    • ‘The facts, however, tell a different story as the senior editor shows in his solid smackdown of the article.’
    • ‘Wrestling gets the improv smackdown in local indie film’
    • ‘A smackdown between these two was inevitable; that it would be covered by salivating media reporters was bound to occur.’
    • ‘The Crossfire smackdown was one of the best media moments of 2004’
    • ‘One of the big guys will come up with some dumb thing or other, and next thing you know, two weeks later, it's spread to the rest of the plane: ‘Hey, let's start referring to the debates as smackdowns!’’
    • ‘Nevertheless, I think you'd have to admit this is one of most evenly matched smackdowns.’
    • ‘The suspended beauty of dining upstairs comes at the expense of no acoustical buffer, and when the bar is clamorous, the sound rises up, rounds the arches, and comes crashing onto this suspended atoll like a final smackdown.’
    • ‘Back in 1993, the handbag market was largely a tedious landscape of brown and black leather, light years away from the kaleidoscopic smackdown it has become.’
    • ‘But, judging from this independent action film, those crazy kids from down under love the smackdown as much as our home-grown gangs.’
    • ‘On its own, this sequel is simply a cat-and-mouse procedural, dotted with the occasional smackdown and pyrotechnics display.’
    • ‘Or maybe he's worn out from competing with the furious film director in a smackdown of comparative auras.’
    • ‘Not so much a massacre as ‘four scumbags getting beat up,’ the smackdown in the prison is relatively tame.’
  • 2A decisive or humiliating defeat or setback.

    • ‘His tongue-in-cheek lyrics and sex-drenched growling vocals, gave a huge smackdown to the critics and music industry tools blatant ignorance of indie bands.’
    • ‘Luckily he didn't have a witty pun to throw into the mix for this contestant or I may have lain the smackdown on the television.’
    • ‘As it happens, one of these smackdowns came on the newspaper's editorial page website.’
    • ‘For a withering smackdown, read his take on the interview in the the magazine.’
    • ‘He gives it the light smackdown that it warrants.’
    • ‘This movie is genuine: it's the return of the old school, Bruce Lee-style action movie, where the hero lays the smackdown on a bunch of lowlifes without having to resort to anything mystical or computer generated.’
    • ‘There was a t-shirt which had the heading… ‘Putting the smackdown on heresy since 1981.’’
    • ‘I sure as hell wasn't going to instigate this fight, I thought - but if he starts, I'm gonna lay the smackdown, right here, in front of all these people.’
    • ‘As he laid into our senate subcommittee with his blistering smackdown on how our government was not truthful, a sense of enthusiasm and awe came over me.’
    • ‘Lay the smackdown hard enough and Goodenow starts crying.’
    • ‘At one stage she was wrestling with Jenna when Barbara leaped from atop the ropes to deliver a smackdown of epic proportions.’
    • ‘The smackdown Susan delivered Karl upon hearing about his baby was bone-scrapingly hilarious.’
    • ‘I especially like the smackdown for people who wear the t-shirt of the band they are going to see.’
    • ‘Once free, it's entirely likely the King of the Jungle and his trusty herd of elephants will save the day by laying a smackdown on the hostile tribe.’
    • ‘Yes, it's sad and it's the Erica smackdown we've been waiting for and it's tragic - but it's also none of those things.’
    • ‘Each racer, along with a variety of power-ups and weapons, is equipped with an attack button that allows them to lay the smackdown on a driver racing beside them.’
    • ‘Anyone of the opposite sex of her who touched her, ended with getting a smackdown from Grandpa and would be found the next day in the garbage dump.’
    • ‘Infused then with the enlightenment only a brutal smackdown from a celestial being can provide, Jacob sets out to make peace with his brother, no matter the cost.’
    • ‘The foundation gets a bit of a smackdown, too, for inviting Tyler to speak at an event, and then hissing when they didn't get the irony in a joke.’
    • ‘Technically, you could go around laying the smackdown on whoever you like, but responsibility for your own actions is ultimately down to you.’
    • ‘Seeing a Japanese woman, a supermodel no less, putting the smackdown on American grunts was fulfillment of a timely revenge fantasy for Japanese audiences.’
    • ‘And now I pretty much know I'm worthless as soon as I wake up, that the he can put the smackdown on me, and I don't mention it so much anymore.’
    • ‘While you get the impression that, if he chose to, Dog could lay a serious smackdown on a bail-jumping ne'er-do-well, that seems to be the furthest thing from his mind.’
    • ‘Witty, clever, biting, acerbic (in a good way), and never afraid to put the smackdown on anybody - she keeps Filmbrain on his toes.’
    • ‘Whether he's gently lecturing his daughter on the value of pancakes (in a droll suburban accent) or putting the smackdown on Raji, Cedric is electric.’
    • ‘After putting the smackdown on a monster in the forest, the ancient Babylonian hero Gilgamesh took a trip to the world of the dead.’


1990s from smack.