Meaning of small-l liberal in English:

small-l liberal


informal Australian
  • A person who holds liberal political views, as distinct from a member of the more conservative Liberal Party of Australia.

    • ‘the small-l liberals see themselves as courageously fighting to maintain ethical life within society’
    • ‘The small-l liberals have grave reservations about him.’
    • ‘Small-l liberal organisations have concerns about protecting the right to privacy, and run campaigns to highlight where it might all end.’
    • ‘Her small-l liberal parents send her to the "work and arts" summer camp.’
    • ‘She was always a "small-l liberal," who tried to inject humour, some sexiness and a lighten-up sensibility to the magazine.’
    • ‘She had some small-l liberal views on gay issues.’
    • ‘They are particularly down on the small-l liberals whom they see as of privileged class background.’
    • ‘He argued that small-l liberal philosophy had created a society that couldn't say "No" to junk food.’
    • ‘The site's been transformed from a basically leftish, small-l liberal site to a much more balanced site, with many, many more right-wing Australians participating.’
    • ‘Most of the people who go to the theatre and write for theatre are small-l liberals and left-wing, and so you do get a kind of agreement between the audience and what's on stage.’
    • ‘The words resounded like a slap in the face not only for the small-l liberals in his party, but in the community as well.’