Meaning of smarmily in English:




See smarmy

‘Simon notes that he's going hatless and being a bit smarmily please-the-parents-y: ‘I prefer the other side of you, to be honest.’’
  • ‘For eighty-six years the Sox bore the terrible curse - the burnt devil mark of the demon Yankees, smarmily collecting win upon win with a sense of bloated entitlement.’
  • ‘They'll all be there with their snouts in the trough; all grinning smarmily and slapping backs; all trying to outdo each other with acts of screaming political correctness.’
  • ‘If you asked him anything at all, he would reply, smarmily, ‘Well, that is the question, isn't it?’’
  • ‘And as far as Jay's statement in smarmily choosing to stereotype Christians, I choose to offer the other cheek.’
  • ‘A visitor from California is Diana's brother, Adam, who is running for Congress, accompanied by his young, smarmily solicitous secretary, Jamie.’