Meaning of smart grid in English:

smart grid


  • An electricity supply network that uses digital communications technology to detect and react to local changes in usage.

    ‘smart grids are a key component in the EU energy strategy’
    • ‘Researchers hope other smart grid innovations would prevent something like the 2003 blackout that left 50 million people in the dark.’
    • ‘We have hired experts in renewable energy, carbon emissions, and the smart grid in order to address these huge opportunities.’
    • ‘But does smart grid technology make the nation more vulnerable to cyber-terrorists?’
    • ‘New investment has been made in public transport systems, smart grid and utilisation of renewable energy resources.’
    • ‘They worry that cyber terrorists could exploit the smart grid to cause massive power outages.’
    • ‘We need a smart grid that can intelligently store and deploy solar energy at night, wind energy during the day, and that can do long-haul transmission of electrons.’
    • ‘Converting a theoretical possibility such as this to a green reality will be complex, but the notion of the smart grid should resonate with New Zealanders.’
    • ‘Utilities can protect their smart grids with the right security architecture, which requires unique, standards-based security built into every network node and device.’
    • ‘Such meters are mainly used in smart grids, in which a power station gets real-time information about demand across a region and can alter its output accordingly.’
    • ‘I am very confident that the next generation of mobile devices and the next generation of smart grids will actually be evolving in India.’