Meaning of smartweed in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsmɑːtwiːd/


mass nounmainly North American
  • A plant of the dock family, typically having slender leaves and a short spike of tiny compact flowers.

    Genus Polygonum, family Polygonaceae: several species

    ‘The list of weed species includes: morninglory, bindweed, buckwheat, Pennsylvania smartweed, Venice mallow, sweet clover, velvetleaf, lamb's quarters, and nightshade.’
    • ‘It also controls certain broadleaf weeds, including Powell amaranth, jimsonweed, annual morningglory, redroot pigweed, Pennsylvania smartweed, common sunflower and wild mustard.’
    • ‘A mixture of glyphosate plus an herbicide will improve control of prickly lettuce, dandelion, marestail, giant and common ragweed, Pennsylvania smartweed, velvetleaf, mustard species, and other broadleaf weeds.’
    • ‘Weeds not well-controlled by other herbicides include marestail, prickly lettuce, mustards, giant ragweed, Pennsylvania smartweed, and dandelion.’
    • ‘Higher rates of herbicide will be needed to control species such as ivy-leaf morning-glory, sweet clover, field bindweed, Venice mellow and various smartweeds (lady's thumb, Pennsylvania smartweed, wild buckwheat, etc).’
    • ‘The product is labeled for application with other corn herbicides to improve residual control of broadleaf weeds, including lambsquarters, pigweed, common ragweed, Pennsylvania smartweed, and velvetleaf.’
    • ‘It may not control smartweed, giant ragweed, and fall panicum that are more than 4 to 6 inches tall.’
    • ‘The eggs hatch about the time that small smartweed plants begin to grow in the spring.’
    • ‘Densely populated stands with mixtures of various shades of green and brown, however, had similar reflectance to that of alligator-weed, arrowhead, and smartweed.’
    • ‘Cloudberry leaves, bearberry leaves, and alpine smartweed were used for general stomach-aches and kidney problems.’
    • ‘A year with extremely low precipitation may allow them to compete much better than species such as Pennsylvania smartweed.’
    • ‘A little farther, I went into a low area and through a patch of green smartweed.’
    • ‘A few rods further on the field dipped into a low area and I went through a small patch of green smartweed.’
    • ‘I eyed the expanse of flooded smartweed fringing the shore.’