Meaning of smash-mouth in English:



informal North American
  • (of a style of play in sport, especially American football) aggressive and confrontational.

    • ‘I love watching smash-mouth football’
    • ‘they have a smash-mouth mentality’
    • ‘he preferred physical, smash-mouth basketball’
    • ‘The Vikings' offensive line has the brawn to play a smash-mouth style of football.’
    • ‘He plays a tough, physical style that should enhance the team's desire to play a smash-mouth style with RB William Green.’
    • ‘‘We are still a power running team,’ says coordinator Mike Mularkey, who prefers ‘that smash-mouth style of football.’’
    • ‘The AFC North makes up for a lack of flashiness with Steel Belt fans, hard-nosed players, and old-fashioned smash-mouth football that's played outdoors.’
    • ‘The line should allow the Seahawks to play smash-mouth football when the game situation or weather dictates.’


informal North American American Football
  • mass noun An aggressive and confrontational style of play, especially a style of attacking play that relies on running the ball rather than on passing.

    • ‘we're coming into this game ready to play smash-mouth’