Meaning of smear campaign in English:

smear campaign

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  • A plan to discredit a public figure by making false accusations.

    ‘He accused the Labor councillor and her colleagues of planning a smear campaign against him to hurt the Balance Team - a claim the councillor denies.’
    • ‘Well, Senator Kerry had to respond to these scurrilous attacks on his character as a smear campaign.’
    • ‘His write up in the newspaper smells of political witch-hunt and a political smear campaign.’
    • ‘He said it would be ‘quite incorrect’ to describe anything as a smear campaign unless it was based on publication of false information.’
    • ‘The owner of a Manchester curry house - said to be the biggest in the country - has published an open letter to refute allegations made in a e-mail smear campaign.’
    libel, slander, character assassination, defamation of character, calumny, vilification, traducement, obloquy, scandal, scandalmongering, malicious gossip, tittle-tattle, backbiting, aspersions, muckraking, abuse, malediction