Meaning of smeltery in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsmɛltəri/

nounplural noun smelteries

See smelt

‘Residents of Pajang subdistrict in Benda district of Tangerang municipality are divided over the presence of an aluminum and copper smeltery, PT Teguh Makmur Sejahtera, which has been operating in the area since 1990.’
  • ‘The initial group comprised 90 lead workers from a secondary lead smeltery, all of whom had experienced long-term exposure to lead.’
  • ‘Similar findings with respect to basal hormone concentrations were reported by Gustafson et al. in a previous study of lead workers from the present smeltery.’
  • ‘About 2 percent of the fires that MODIS detected were from industrial sources, like gas flares and smelteries.’