Meaning of smize in English:


Pronunciation /smʌɪz/


[no object] informal
  • Assume a playful or alluring expression of the eyes.

    • ‘I just need to learn how to smize’
    • ‘She wore Piaget diamond earrings, painted her lips a bright red, and smized in front of a race car.’
    • ‘That first cover captured her with her signature crop from the '90s as she smized for the camera.’
    • ‘Walking into what turned out to be a nine-hour session of questioning, she smized like her life depended on it.’
    • ‘The Essex girl pouted and 'smized' at the camera like a pro.’
    • ‘Standing in front of a crisp white door, the singer smized as she posed in her sexy sportswear.’
    • ‘The two models pout and smize their way through the Rimmel advert. ’
    • ‘The blond beauty smizes at the camera and plays with her tresses while wearing a gorgeous white, cut-out ensemble.’
    • ‘While getting his mugshot taken, he displayed a full-face smile—you might even say he was smizing.’
    • ‘With her newfound confidence, she meets a nice guy and smizes her way into a front-desk reception job.’
    • ‘She does take some time to photograph (shockingly, babies don't know how to smize directly into the camera). ’


  • A playful or alluring expression of the eyes.

    • ‘she still has plenty of time to perfect her smize’


Early 21st century coined by the American model and TV host Tyra Banks, as a contraction of the phrase smile with your eyes.