Meaning of smoggy in English:


adjectiveadjective smoggier, adjective smoggiest

See smog

‘In a week or so,. New York's climate will lurch into summer gear: 95 degrees and up, humid, and smoggy.’
  • ‘The whole L.A. Basin was smoggy or hazy today, and my lungs hurt.’
  • ‘Observe fire ordinances and don't use your firepit on no-burn days or when it's smoggy or windy.’
  • ‘As Hong Kong sweltered for the second day under smoggy skies, a health lobby group called on the government to reform its current air pollution health warnings saying they are inadequate.’
  • ‘The trip was uneventful as he was used to the drowning sounds of the crowd, the beeping horns of vehicles and cell-phones, to the suffocating smoggy air.’