Meaning of smoke-filled in English:


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  • Containing a lot of smoke, especially from cigarettes.

    ‘discussions in smoke-filled rooms’
    • ‘a smoke-filled sky’
    • ‘No employee can be forced to go into a smoke-filled room, except in an emergency.’
    • ‘On my time off, I'm the last guy you'll see in any smoke-filled venue.’
    • ‘Maybe you've consumed red wine or cheese or lingered in a smoke-filled room, all of which can trigger migraines.’
    • ‘Bookie shops were no longer the dark, smoke-filled recesses they once were, where customers were deterred from entering.’
    • ‘Turns out, smoke-filled cafes aren't the only places where the French like to spend hours in existential debate.’
    • ‘In the smoke-filled hut it was hard to tell whether her eyes were watering or she was crying.’
    • ‘When she saw Hector in the evening across the smoke-filled bar leaning against the counter, she knew he had been drinking.’
    • ‘As they blindly make their way through smoke-filled spaces searching for flames, they find that secondary fires can flare up because of heat convection.’
    • ‘It is feared by many that, under the new regulation, potential employees who do not agree to consent to work in a smoke-filled environment will not be hired.’
    • ‘Not everyone can live in a smog-free environment, but we can all avoid smoke-filled rooms, high traffic areas, breathing in highway fumes and exercising near busy thoroughfares.’
    • ‘Miraculously, they find two officers still alive in the smoke-filled compartment and bring them out.’
    • ‘The current high levels of heart disease and cancer in Ireland could be alleviated by attracting people into the outdoors and away from smoke-filled pubs.’
    • ‘In the decades after the Civil War, when coal became "the vital essence" of American civilization, the air of the nation's industrial cities became more and more smoke-filled.’
    • ‘Private investigation isn't all high speed car chases, smoke-filled offices and leggy dames with trouble on their minds.’
    smoke-filled, smoggy, hazy, foggy, murky, thick