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smoke signal


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  • 1A column of smoke used as a way of conveying a message to a distant person.

    ‘Many of their traditions and their original methods of communication - their language, smoke signals, and messages carried by people on foot - have survived.’
    • ‘Tribes in Kurdistan set up a primitive warning system with observers and smoke signals to warn the most likely targets of the approach of British aircraft.’
    • ‘The smoke signals from the Vatican were certainly this week's most newsworthy communicative acts.’
    • ‘In times of danger, during the Crusades, smoke signals were relayed between Saladin's Castle, Marqab, Safita and Crac des Chevaliers, our next stop.’
    • ‘There is sign language, flag semaphores, smoke signals, and Morse code.’
    1. 1.1An indication of someone's intentions or views.
      ‘a series of political smoke signals has aroused hopes for a fresh initiative on Northern Ireland’
      • ‘Various smoke signals have been sent up, but in truth, nobody knows. This is the type of thing that Bertie always, always keeps in pectore until the very last moment.’
      • ‘As ever in Northern Ireland, however, the smoke signals are confused and indistinct.’
      • ‘If you read The Sunday Times last week, there were smoke signals that gave you a pretty good idea what that might be.’
      • ‘Prime Minister Iyad Allawi's office is sending smoke signals that we all squint to interpret.’
      • ‘Both financial markets and the businesses community have been looking for smoke signals from the government about when or if the UK would take the plunge.’
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