Meaning of smokehouse in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsməʊkhaʊs/


mainly North American
  • A shed or room for curing food by exposure to smoke.

    ‘The Burren Smokehouse is a traditional smokehouse producing quality oak smoked Irish salmon, trout, mackerel and eel.’
    • ‘A century ago there were more than 40 smokehouses in Hull, curing thousands of tonnes of fish landed at the docks.’
    • ‘Connemara Smokehouse is one of the few remaining smokehouses specialising in Wild smoked, marinated and roast Irish salmon.’
    • ‘He smoked his own hams in his smokehouse and fed his pigs some of the peaches from his trees to make them more succulent.’
    • ‘The ancient art of smoking fish is still thriving in smokehouses around Britain.’
    hut, lean-to, outhouse, outbuilding, shack