Meaning of smoking ceremony in English:

smoking ceremony


  • An Aboriginal ceremony in which smoke is used, especially a ritual that marks a death.

    ‘they were called upon to perform the smoking ceremony to ritually prepare the dance ground’
    • ‘He will make a traditional welcome to the land followed by a smoking ceremony.’
    • ‘He celebrated the decision with a traditional smoking ceremony with his brothers, sisters and other family members, inviting ancestors to join in their happiness.’
    • ‘Eora women who have been invited to attend these smoking ceremonies have also been punished for transgressing the unwritten and sacred traditional laws of the custodians of the drinking tree.’
    • ‘To mark the homecoming of two skulls brought back from a museum, a smoking ceremony to cleanse the bones was held.’
    • ‘In preparation for the smoking ceremony, they stoke a smouldering fire of ti-tree and eucalyptus.’
    • ‘The vessel met up with bark canoes under the Sydney Harbour Bridge and a traditional smoking ceremony was carried out.’
    • ‘The project began with women attending an Aboriginal smoking ceremony in the Barmah Forest.’
    • ‘Her family thanked the government for its support, particularly in helping them travel for a memorial and smoking ceremony.’
    • ‘A ceremony would commemorate the 71st anniversary of the attack, including an indigenous smoking ceremony.’
    • ‘The official opening featured a smoking ceremony by an Aboriginal Elder.’