Meaning of smoking room in English:

smoking room


  • A room set aside for smoking in a hotel or other public building.

    • ‘It had all the facilities of an hotel, including carpeting, dining rooms, and a smoking room.’
    • ‘Smokers are directed to three special shelters which were built in the grounds last year - although staff still have smoking rooms and there are smoking rooms for patients too ill or incapacitated to get to the outdoor shelters.’
    • ‘Highland Council is also phasing out all smoking rooms and offering nicotine patches, hypnotherapy and acupuncture to help beat their habit.’
    • ‘A smoking room in public places and office buildings would definitely be a better alternative to having people clumped around the entrances to public places puffing away.’
    • ‘Our results suggest a better solution would be to provide alternative places for smoking in public, such as smoking rooms in bars.’