Meaning of smoodge in English:


Pronunciation /smuːdʒ/


(also smooge)
[no object] informal Australian, New Zealand
  • Behave in an ingratiating manner.

    • ‘he used to hang around here smoodging to Mum’
    • ‘He stated that he had never smooged to any boss in Mort's Dock or told them anything.’
    • ‘He genuinely smoodges up to the camera and seems to enjoy having his picture taken.’
    blandishments, honeyed words, smooth talk, soft words, flattery, cajolery, coaxing, wheedling, compliments


(also smooge)
mass noun informal Australian, New Zealand
  • Affectionate flattery.

    • ‘what's wrong with a bit of smoodge between friends?’
    homage, deference, obedience, suit, courtship, blandishments, respects, attention, addresses


Early 20th century probably an alteration of dialect smouch ‘kiss, sidle up to’.