Meaning of smooth newt in English:

smooth newt


  • A small yellowish-brown smooth-skinned newt that is widely distributed throughout Europe and western Asia.

    Triturus vulgaris, family Salamandridae

    ‘The great crested newt is significantly larger than the smooth newt and has warty rather than velvety skin.’
    • ‘The smooth newt is typically 80-110 mm long, including its tail, and is often mistaken for a lizard.’
    • ‘When on land smooth newts tend to feed on insects, worms and slugs by projecting their tongues to catch prey.’
    • ‘Male smooth newts have a much more developed wavy dorsal crest in the breeding season.’
    • ‘The habitat of the smooth newt ranges from large lakes to densely weeded ditches, but they are most likely to be found in small to medium sized ponds.’