Meaning of smooth tongue in English:

smooth tongue


  • The ability or tendency to use insincere flattery or persuasion.

    ‘your smooth tongue could even turn your mistakes to your advantage’
    • ‘‘You look stunning, Kathleen,’ Brett said with a smile, maintaining his smooth tongue from his womanizing days and his job as a criminal lawyer.’
    • ‘While Klink senses that his American counterpart isn't as helpful as he seems, Hogan manages to assuage his concerns with a smooth tongue, playing to Klink's ego and fears.’
    • ‘There may be, indeed, a smooth tongue, where there is a false heart.’
    • ‘God, it wasn't fair for God to give a man both looks and the smooth tongue.’
    • ‘If there's one more thing I don't like about you, it's that smooth tongue of yours.’