Meaning of smoothness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsmuːðnəs/

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mass noun
  • The quality or state of being smooth.

    ‘the smoothness of her skin’
    • ‘the evacuation went off with remarkable smoothness’
    • ‘The end surfaces of the ruby rod were ground flat and parallel and were polished to extreme smoothness.’
    • ‘Side-by-side, it just lacks the aroma of Gold Blend, but delivers an equal smoothness and flavour on the palate and finish.’
    • ‘But it works: smoothness, ripe red and black fruit flavours and vibrant acidity sparkle from this wine.’
    • ‘Kerry has the experience, credentials and smoothness to thwart Clark and Edwards.’
    • ‘The butter taste was rich and tantalising, while the smoothness of the fresh cream and yoghurt mix was offset by a kick of almond and sultana.’
    evenness, levelness, flatness, plainness
    clean-shavenness, smooth-shavenness, hairlessness
    glossiness, gloss, shine, shininess, gleam, glassiness, sheen, lustre, brightness, sleekness, silkiness, polish, burnish
    creaminess, even consistency
    calmness, stillness, tranquillity, placidness, serenity, evenness, flatness, glassiness
    steadiness, smooth running, regularity, rhythm, rhythmicity, freedom from interruption, flow, frictionlessness, fluidity, fluency
    straightforwardness, ease, easiness, effortlessness, simplicity
    mellowness, mildness, pleasantness, blandness, softness
    softness, mellowness, sweetness, sweet sound, sweet tone, prettiness, silveriness, mellifluousness, melodiousness, musicality, lilt, lyricism, harmony, euphony
    suaveness, urbaneness, urbanity, sophistication, polish, finish, courteousness, grace, smooth talking, glibness, persuasiveness, slickness, oiliness, ingratiation, unctuousness
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