Meaning of snackable in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsnakəb(ə)l/


  • 1(of food) suitable to be eaten as a snack.

    ‘always have a few snackable veggies on hand’
    • ‘the mini corn muffins are irresistibly snackable’
    • ‘This time of year, it's impossible to know who may stop by my apartment, so I have the provisions on hand to throw together a quick, snackable spread.’
    • ‘Blackberries are snackable berries composed of smaller fruits that transform from blushing Persian red to midnight violet.’
    • ‘Airy and snackable, its a great alternative to caramel corn, and won't leave you with pesky popcorn kernels stuck in your teeth.’
    • ‘Whirled with handfuls of spinach, arugula, and cilantro, the hummus is a much more snackable way of getting your greens.’
    • ‘Part crisp, part chewy, and all sweet, these adorable, snackable treats are an excellent addition to brunch or dessert.’
    • ‘You're not ready until you have a batch of something seriously snackable for guests to munch on from kick-off to the final whistle.’
    • ‘Clementines are so perfectly snackable - in fact, we stash them in our lunch bags, Christmas stockings, even our coat pockets for emergency infusions.’
    • ‘See, puff pastry is exactly the kind of buttery, rich, snackable food you want to put in front of people when they're holding a glass of something boozy or bubbly.’
    • ‘You'll have wished you bought even more bread than you did once you make this snackable garlic bread.’
    • ‘We figured, why not create some snackable, fun nibbles with the seed, that health-savvy consumers can feel good about bringing home to their families?’
    • ‘Though it sounds totally absurd, filet mignon beef jerky just might be the most snackable thing out there.’
    1. 1.1(of online content) designed to be read, viewed, or otherwise engaged with briefly and easily.
      ‘more people are turning to their mobile devices for snackable, entertaining content’
      • ‘snackable video clips’
      • ‘It's a matter of integrating smart, snackable short pieces with long-form investigative articles.’
      • ‘The account of the trivia magazine offers links back to their website and fun facts, all presented in short, snackable tweets.’
      • ‘The game doesn't have to be bite-sized and snackable, but the gameplay does.’
      • ‘Visual, consumable and snackable content should be a growing part of your content marketing program.’
      • ‘Little of its video content is more than a few minutes long, and all of it is designed to be sharable and snackable.’
      • ‘As much puzzle game as RPG, this one is probably more suited to iPhone than an iPad because it's so very quick and snackable.’
      • ‘Your content should be searchable, snackable and shareable.’
      • ‘The Father's Day campaign includes short, snackable pieces of content and is a good example of what brands should be doing in content marketing.’
      • ‘Across the board, the creative industries must embrace this, and ensure their product is snackable, but most of all compelling.’
      • ‘The partnership provides an excellent new platform to reach our target audience through leveraging engaging, snackable clips to drive live conversation.’


trademark in UK snackables
  • Items of food suitable or intended for eating as snacks.

    ‘the bar menu offers tartines of various sorts as well as bruschetta, fries, and other such snackables’
    • ‘I stand in line at the store with a cart full of flour, oatmeal, fresh vegetables, behind folks who pay with federal monies for junk food, pre-packaged snackables, and good cuts of meat.’
    • ‘We know that the snackables will get eaten over a succession of movie nights, meaning it's probably a good thing I generally stick to low-fat goodies.’
    • ‘They serve these juicy dogs with all the fixings along with a tantalizing array of soups, sandwiches, and snackables.’
    • ‘You don't have to look far to find an armful of great snackables at Joe's.’
    • ‘There was a large family opposite, surrounded by vast quantities of luggage and snackables.’
    • ‘I can tell my dad is disappointed with the lack of snackables too.’
    • ‘Serve vegetable, cheese, fruit, and meat trays with dips and other snackables, rather than hosting a huge meal.’
    • ‘That decision made, she went to her station wagon and retrieved a few snackables from the cooler.’
    • ‘We settled in the living room around a big platter of dainty snackables.’
    • ‘There's a range of snackables, like leaf-wrapped rice balls, garlic cucumber and fried chicken thighs.’