Meaning of snackette in English:



  • 1informal A very small amount of food.

    • ‘It was only a little less uplifting to be a guest in the VIP tent, amongst not-very-beautiful beautiful people in cream trouser suits who looked as if they'd eaten well, although they still had room for a snackette of champagne and lobster.’
    • ‘I can't be sure but it sounds like, ‘The Smurfs sing the Best of Bob Marley'. It was all I could do not to crack earlier as, ‘I don't wanna dance’ was relayed Pinky & Perky style over the tannoy whilst I shopped for snackettes.’
    • ‘Believe it or not, a tomato has more fat than a potato, but this principle is reversed once it is turned into a chip, crisp, snackette or any other way of selling the only fat-free vegetable on the market.’
    • ‘My first snackette of the day is a banana.’
  • 2West Indian A small shop selling snacks, cigarettes, and minor groceries.

    • ‘Plan B entailed the multi-purpose Jerry's on Camp Street, which is a snackette, bar and karaoke joint all cleverly rolled into one.’
    • ‘A SNACKETTE owner was in critical condition at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) last night after he was shot in his abdomen by a stocking gang, which attacked and robbed his family.’
    • ‘Another building is under construction and will occupy a supermarket and bar/snackette, a four (4) studio apartments and an additional two (2) bedroom apartment.’