Meaning of snacky in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsnaki/

adjectiveadjective snackier, adjective snackiest

  • 1 informal Denoting or relating to food suitable for eating between meals or as a light, casual meal.

    • ‘after weeks of snacky tapas I'd decided that a proper sit-down meal was in order’
    • ‘During the climb, he ate snacky stuff that would give him quick bursts of energy.’
    • ‘The bar menu is of the snacky fast food variety, with burgers, chilli and fish dishes featuring prominently.’
    • ‘We ended up with way more food than we needed: nachos, salad, samosas, pizza, lentil patties, pretzels, marshmallows, chips and nuts and other snacky things.’
    • ‘Most of the time, there's a fridge stocked with beer and plenty of snacky food.’
    • ‘Not only does it serve user-friendly, healthy, delicious snacky food, but it does so in surroundings that are groovy and modern without being stern, clinical or at all intimidating.’
    • ‘There's all sorts of snacky stuff if you get hungry.’
    • ‘These are bars that serve the most irresistible little snacky plates with perfectly chilled Japanese draught beer or sake.’
    • ‘I would love to see something more "snacky" on the appetizers menu - to go with drinks whilst sitting at the bar.’
    • ‘He loves cheerios and puffs and before you lecture me on giving him too many "snacky" foods, they're all organic and mostly vegetable based.’
    • ‘We ate here last night thinking we'd have a light snacky supper after a long day of travel.’
    • ‘I eat a snacky 'lunch' at 4pm or 5pm and my dinner at 11pm when I come off stage.’
    • ‘Today it's a relaxed eaterie, serving up everything from brunches, snacky lunches, coffee and cake, or smarter dinner.’
    • ‘We were in the mood for a snacky, picky lunch, so opted for a mix-and-match selection of sharing plates.’
    • ‘This recipe was inspired by the empanadas and empadinhas of South America - little snacky, individual pies you get in food stalls and cafes.’
    • ‘Other snacky starters include hard-boiled eggs topped with lemony aioli and espelette pepper (not-quite-deviled eggs, but close enough) and various chilled-seafood combos.’
    1. 1.1Slightly hungry.
      ‘I still felt snacky so I had some crackers and hummus’
      • ‘As soon as I start to get nervous, I get snacky.’
      • ‘On Sunday I felt really snacky and made chocolate custard.’
      • ‘If you're feeling a little snacky this fall, University of Florida agronomy students can help.’
      • ‘Felt snacky last night so I bought 97% fat free cookies-and-cream ice cream.’
      • ‘When I felt snacky later in the evening I reached for a banana.’